Remember November 11th

I am often asked about the origins of this site, and what its purpose is. Remember November 11th developed in my mind After I re-joined the Military as a Reservist. That experience afforded me, like no other would, the opportunity to meet Canadians across this Nation, both in and out of uniform, who represent the best that we have to offer. It also gave me the honour to go out into the community as a uniformed member of our Armed Forces.

My first year back my own children were just 3 and 5 but it was time for them to appreciate the sacrifices that had been made for them by men and women they didn’t know and would never meet. So I asked their school if I could read to their classes in uniform during the week of remembrance. I read from the Legion’s book "A Poppy Is To Remember". Each year since I’ve gone across the street and proudly read from that book; hopefully sparking an understanding of the importance of November 11th. But it was that first cold November day when I stood with their little hands in mine, at the Cenotaph in Aurora, and looked for other children that I realized that the most important Canadians of all were, in large numbers, missing. I know parents had taken them to parades earlier in the week, talked to them about family history, and bought them poppies, but couldn’t we all somehow find the time, A Pittance of Time, to silently remember those who have served and continue to serve to protect this great Nation? Is it too much to suggest that whatever it is we’ll be doing on November 11th at 11:00 am we are able to do because of their sacrifices? On that Remembrance Day I made a commitment that I would do what I could to ensure as many young Canadians were aware of our Armed Forces as I could possibly reach.

In my time in the military I’ve been touched by the out pouring of support from everyday Canadians; truckers on the Trans-Canada blasting air horns in support as troops marched in the hot sun, people in line buying a young soldier a “Thank You” meal, the thousands of car magnets on the road, and the warm smiles and open doors. Thank you Canada.

Well now you know what this is about I'm hoping that you are asking how you can help. The answer depends on which group you fall into above. Please hit the link and we’ll see you on November 11th. Thanks for your support Canada!

Scott C. Mackintosh
Founder - Remember November 11th

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