Are you Ready to Become a Blogger?

If you are someone who wants to do things on their own, then a blog will most definitely appeal to you. Some people like structure, and they like being told what to write about. But if you are the type who can come up with ideas on their own, and you want that freedom where you are not being told that you have to write about certain things, then you are a blogger. Now you just need the blog to go along with the talent that you already possess. It will take some work, but we can get it done!

With any howtostartablog101 guide, you are going to see them talking about the blogging network that you will join. This is a very important step. Why? Because it is going to determine the shape of your blog, even if you do not realize it. The network that you choose will go a long way to determining how your blog looks, and whether it runs smoothly or not. Make sure you are doing your research on all the different types of blog networks that are out there. You will want to look carefully till you find the one that makes sense for you.

For instance, you could go with WordPress. It is the most famous network for blogging, and any howtostartablog101 is going to tell you that WordPress is solid. If there is some other network that appeals to you more, you will be fine with that too! Just make sure you are doing your research. Do not jump into anything, and do not make the mistake of going on a single person’s opinion. Read a lot of comments on the networks, both good and bad. Then you can figure out what will work for you!

When it comes to blogging, your content is what matters the most. But we almost forget that content alone is never enough. If you are blogging with the goal of just putting things out there – you may not care about promotion too much. But if you are thinking that you do want a solid audience for the content that you are producing, you will want to do more to promote your blog. You will want to ensure that people can find your site easily through search engines. And you will also want to use social media for promotion purposes.


The final step for any blogger is to identify what they will put on that blog. You may think this is a redundant step, but you would be surprised at how many people start a blog before figuring out what it will contain. You may have some ideas, but it is important to refine those ideas into something more concrete. Having a vision for your blog is always a good idea. Sure, you can go in different tangents when the inspiration strikes. But you should have a core concept for your blog. Is it a creative writing site? Are you posting about current events? Is it a sports blog?