Find the Best E-Cigarette for You

Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. As a practical alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes are believed to be safer than regular cigarettes. Nicotine is delivered by a good-tasting vapor rather than smoke. This spares you from carbon monoxide and literally hundreds of toxins, all of which pose serious health risks. To date, e-cigarettes are not linked with any cases of lung cancer. The overall consensus is that e-cigarettes are safer, less offensive, and tastier than normal cigarettes. You don’t get smoke, you get vapor and it poses no danger to surrounding people.

As soon as you get the right e-cigarette for you, it opens up a whole new world for you. No longer do cigarette cravings have to be a fist-clenching desire. Instead, you use a great e-cig with a liquid flavor of your choice. Nicotine is found in the liquid that you use for the electronic cigarettes. These are referred to as “e- liquid” or “e-juice” as the common terms so you know what to ask for. Plenty of online retailers and physical stores sell e-cigs, liquids, parts, batteries and more. Surely you will find what is going to be ideal for your needs.


Many people use these devices to quit smoking and though this is not a medically approved use, a significant number of people have managed to quit smoking entirely by using this special device. The electronic cigarette is beginning to take over the nicotine business by storm. Younger generations are picking up these electronic cigarettes instead of turning to the real kind. This is no surprise since education regarding the health risks has pervaded all over the world and the kids are listening and so is everyone else.

This kind of cigarette can be used with any of the hundreds of favors available for e-liquid. You will find plenty of flavors from apple to watermelon. Pretty much any flavors you can think of are available through different retailers. You would want to get liquids that are 30% glycerin and 70% propylene glycol. This is the standard ratio for the majority of good e-liquid brands. Pure glycerin is generally considered to be an inferior liquid because it runs the heating coils into the ground.

If you have never tried any of these devices before, you know that they are much lighter on the lungs than smoke is. At first, there may be some difficulty choosing the flavor and nicotine percentage you desire. The trickiest part is getting the nicotine level right. If you were a very heavy smoker, you will probably need the strongest liquid available. Concentrations of nicotine delivered will vary depending on the model of the device you are buying.

No matter where you look for e-cigs, you will discover the immense variety of models and makes. Some of them have the same shape and size as real cigarettes. Others are designed to deliver larger amounts of vapor. Smaller, basic e-cigarettes require a lower percentage of nicotine since a larger amount of vapor is being used in one hit. Soon, you will be on your way to better days of vaping instead of smoking.