How to Save Money When You Rent a Car at the Bucharest Airport

Car rental makes life simple when traveling. Most people utilize a rental car for such purpose, enjoying a safer, more comfortable time away from home that allows them to enjoy the full experiences of the city. If you’re traveling to Bucharest, make sure that you join many other travelers on rent a car. It is the smart way to travel, with a plethora of benefits coming your way. When you rent a car Bucharest Otopeni airport, use the following tips to guide you to the best prices for that rental. Although car rental is the most affordable means of transportation, there’s still many ways to further reduce your costs. Let these tips guide you to the best savings that you want and deserve.


The easiest way to get your car rental at the lowest price is via comparisons. It is easy to compare car rental options at no cost to get the best deals and you shouldn’t be the only one who isn’t taking advantage of the opportunity to compare. When you compare, saving money is simple.

Book in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your vehicle Although last-minute deals are sometimes available, you still oftentimes pay more than you would had the reservation been made well in advance. You should apply such logic to you booking to get the best race for the car rental.


Discounts are notoriously offered in the car rental industry. A quick internet search is a simple way to reveal the biggest and best discounts out there. You can easily search to find an array of promotional codes, coupons, and other special offers that are worth your time. It only takes minutes to find these offers. Don’t rent a car without them!

Don’t Assume Brand Name is best

rent a car Bucharest Otopeni airport

There are a ton of well-known car rental providers out there and while you might think that using one of these names is ideal, just the opposite is true. Avoiding these big names can reduce the hassle of car rental and make it easy for you to save money.

Longer Reservation Period

Weekly rental discounts are offered to people who book their car for 7 days or more. These discounts are equivalent to a free day or two in many situations, or in the case of shorter stays, a deeply discounted rate. Consider booking for a longer time period to activate these rates and discounts.

When it is time to book your vehicle, be sure to do so with savings in mind now that these tips are available to you. Saving money on your car rental means there’s more money to enjoy when you arrive in Bucharest and that means more fun for all. Be sure to use these ideas to get the best prices on your car rental needs. It is far too simple to avoid using these techniques to get the best prices.