Understanding the Quinoa vs. Rice Comparisons

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest health trends, or you know someone who does, you have probably heard about quinoa. It has become a lot more mainstream over the past few years. And with good reason. It is one of those grains that is so much better for us than what we have been eating in the past. And the obvious comparison that we will get isĀ quinoa vs rice, because of the way these two grains are used. And that is what we want to talk with you about today.

The fact is that if you are going to add quinoa to your diet, doing so as a rice replacement is the way to go. When you make any type of hot or cold dish and you are serving rice on the side, then you can serve it with quinoa instead. If you enjoy making a meat and vegetable stir fry when you get home and you mix it with rice, you can mix it with quinoa instead. And those who are worried about the taste should relax. Quinoa has a good texture and a neutral taste, which means you will be tasting the other food that you made!

A big reason to go for quinoa over rice is that you get more health benefits. It is full of nutrients and minerals that your body needs. It even has a decent amount of protein per serving. And you do get a lot of fiber. That means you are not going to get the blood sugar spikes that you do with rice. And it will be keeping you full for a long time, as it will slowly pass through your digestive system.

If you want to be healthier in your everyday eating, then we recommend going from rice to quinoa. While rice is not necessarily bad for you, it is not good either. It is an empty food that is just a lot of calories that we do not need. With quinoa, you are getting similar calories in a serving size, but you are getting so many nutrients and useful minerals into your body too!