Are You Looking for Outdoor Exercise? Then, Take Your Canoe and Head to the River

If you do not enjoy going to the gym, there are several outdoor activities which you can engage in and keep fit. Canoeing is one of the activities that will help you keep fit and has many health benefits, as indicated in the article below.

Improves fitness

Canoeing can help a lot when it comes to keeping a healthy body. The sport will help gain overall strength, muscle strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. For you to attain body fitness, you have to carry out the sport continuously. You can either do the exercise alone or take a friend or family member with you. You can also do the sport as a competition and enjoy the fun.

Weight loss

Are you worried about your recent weight gain and want to put off some weight? Then consider canoeing. When you head to the waters, you will burn a lot of calories during the exercise. The good thing is that there is no age limit when it comes to canoes. So despite your age, you will still be able to burn down excess fat and enjoy the fresh air of the lake.

Improves mental health

Apart from been beneficial to your physical health, canoeing also helps in improving your mental- health. Studies show that those involved in canoeing end up gaining self-esteem, improve self-worth and adequacy. Thus, if you have low self-esteem or less self-confidence, canoeing will be the best option. Also, if you have doubts about your physical appearance, then canoeing will help keep your body fit, thus improving the shape of your body.


If you are tired of doing indoor activities, remember you have several outdoor activity options. Canoeing brings a lot of health and provides an opportunity to socialize and make friends with other canoeists.